In 2007, SportQuest relocated from Lawton, OK where the ministry began to Indianapolis, Indiana.  Kent and Michelle sensed the clear direction of God to move the ministry headquarters to the 2nd largest metropolitan center in the Midwest. At first, it was a challenge to rebuild the infrastructure and reestablish momentum after such a significant transition, but through it all God continued to provide and direct the ministry into a new season.  In November of 2007, Kris Patel decided to move to Indianapolis to begin working full-time with SportQuest, primarily to help run the PWP Award program and maintain a strong connection with our SQ alumni.  In 2010, Kris was joined by Kevin Verstraeten, who began an internship that would eventually turn into a full-time position with SportQuest. After 6 years of serving in Indy, God led Kevin and his wife, Jenni, to move to Belgium in July of 2016, where they now serve with the SportQuest Belgium team.  Just as Kevin was leaving, God was calling Becky Bowden to join the Indy team.  Becky had participated in several PWP Projects over the years, and, after finishing her Master's degree in Coaching and Athletic Administration, she felt the time was right to begin working full-time with SportQuest.  Kris and Becky now serve on the global Communications Team and help give leadership to the Indianapolis City Team.  

Kent Susud

Founder and President





The Indianapolis office plays a very unique role in the SportQuest family, serving as the central office for all our operations.  Thankfully, Lakeview Church on the west side of Indianapolis graciously provides SportQuest with office space. The Indy office handles the day-to-day communication and administrative needs of the ministry as well as finances and PR.  Outside of the office, our local staff coach a variety of sports in local schools and also speak regularly at area FCA groups.  The Indy team also works together to organize and facilitate Leadership Training Weekends based on the Ready Set Go model for young people who feel called to sports ministry.  The Indianapolis office is also home to the 4M Americas Staff, which coordinates XCC’s and develops City Teams across the US, Canada, and Central America from this home base.   



SportQuest Indy is in a time of transition as they make the shift from being the Indy “office” to becoming the Indy “City Team.”  SportQuest is strategically decentralizing much of its administrative oversight in order to empower local leaders as well as to free up the Indianapolis team to pursue local mission opportunities.  The vision for the Indianapolis team in this season is to seek God’s heart for which local group of people He is sending them to and begin making inroads into the local community through the tool of sport. 


  • Over the last couple months things in Indianapolis have slowed down enough for me to finally settle into my new house and spend time preparing for the upcoming SportQuest projects.
  • For the first time ever, all of our SportQuest staff members came together at Camp Y'Shua in Lawton, OK. In 1998, Camp Y'Shua was the birthplace of SportQuest Ministries.
  • Camp Y'Shua in Lawton, Oklahoma was the backdrop for the first SportQuest Leadership Training Weekend from June 1-6. This was a special weekend as SQ alumni from all over the nation came to...
  • Two months ago my life completely changed as I stepped out in faith to move to Indianapolis to work for SportQuest Ministries.
  • Jenni and I are thrilled to share the exciting things God is doing in our lives. We are only 126 days left from our move to Belgium. It’s slowly looking more real every single day, and things are...
  • Benjamin was born on April 5, 2016 at 10:03am. He came in at 7lbs and was 20.5 inches long. Tara and I are so excited to finally have Ben with us. Ben is three weeks old and we have seen him grow and...

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