2017 Year In Review



2017: An amazing year for SportQuest!

Wow! What an incredible year for the SQ Family! We experienced God’s blessing through your faithfulness and support. Our team put together this "Year In Review" recap page, which highlights some of the amazing things God has done through this movement in the past year.

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SportQuest helps the global sport movement take a giant leap forward!

In November 2017, 300 sport ministry leaders from around the world, including seven SportQuest staff members, gathered to comprise 31 work teams that developed trainings, tactics, and tools to equip the global sport community for more effective disciple-making.  Over the next year and a half, the resources developed by these work teams will undergo editing, testing, and then translation into a multitude of languages.  Sport leaders will use these high-quality resources in every country and every community around the world.  






PWP Projects Grow in Impact!

In 2017, SportQuest led PWP Projects in Panama, Belgium, San Diego, and Baton Rouge.  96 high school/college students and young adults participated in these projects to lead sport camps for over 830 kids in 12 cities.  Many youth began a relationship with Jesus for the first time and many more have joined discipleship groups led by SportQuest staff and local ministry partners. PWP Projects are a great way for young people to grow as disciples and also serves as an effective strategy for churches to reach their local communities.







SportQuest and 4M join up to run a Muskathlon in Greece and Bulgaria to fight human trafficking!

In May 2017, seven Americans, who are all connected with SportQuest and/or the 4th Musketeer USA, joined together with A21 in Greece and fifty others from around the world as modern day abolitionists to fight against the fastest growing crime in the world today -- human trafficking. A Muskathlon is an ultimate endurance event at an extreme location with the purpose of raising significant funds to fight injustice. At the culmination of a week exposed to the brutal world of human trafficking, these Muskathletes ran, walked, or cycled a half, full, or ultra marathon along the path that many girls follow when they are trafficked into Greece.  






SportQuest Staff grows in numbers and effectiveness!

2017 saw three new staff join the SportQuest Family -- Danielle Thomas in Baton Rouge, Leslie Geist in Belgium, and Pavlo Rozhkov in Ukraine.  It’s wonderful to add these passionate, skilled sport ministry leaders to our team, but what’s truly remarkable is the growth of our staff as a whole this past year.  Training has been an essential element of our staff development and perhaps never more than in 2017.  Through our weekly Leadership Circle, our staff connect over video conferencing and challenge each other to grow in our personal discipleship as well as in our capacity to make disciples.  All SQ staff members have also completed various levels of the International Sports Leadership Training provided by the global sport movement, and this past October some of our staff went through a training in Tampa, Florida that greatly enhanced our vision and strategy to make disciples through the tool of sport.  In 2018, our staff will unpack and implement these valuable trainings within their local ministries.  







SportQuest South Africa launches!

In September 2017, SQ staff member Kenneth De Heyn transferred his leadership of the SQ Belgium team to Kevin Verstraeten and made a long anticipated move to Hoopstad, South Africa to launch a new SportQuest ministry.  Kenneth is providing whole-life coaching for a basketball and soccer team and also leads an adult fitness group.  These relationships create a strategic platform to make disciples through sport.  We are excited to watch what God will do through SportQuest South Africa!







The mission is global.  The impact is local.

Our SportQuest Staff is currently made up of seven different nationalities, speaks eight different languages, and serves in ten different locations around the world.  We’re part of a global movement to make disciples in every city and every community on the planet.  The mission is global, but the impact of our work is reflected in local communities, neighborhoods, and families.  Get a glimpse of the local impact that took place on a global level in 2017 by viewing the photo gallery below.  


Praise God! 2017 has truly been an amazing year for SportQuest.

We are excited to carry this growth and momentum into 2018.

If SportQuest has impacted your life in a positive way or if you believe in what we do, please consider making a one-time or recurring gift to support this movement.

Thank you for your support!

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