Andrii is a former professional soccer player who received a calling to work in sports ministry when he was 18 years old. Andrii trained in South Africa with the International Sports Leadership School from July 2010 - October 2010, where he developed leadership skills, received training in effective teambuilding, and immersed himself into the biblical themes of obedience, humility and selflessness.  Since 2011, Andrii has served in the Euro-Asian Sport Leadership School (an intensive one-month sport leadership training) as a program director for key leaders in the discipleship movement that operates in and through sport.  In 2011, Andrii also began developing a relationship with Kent Susud and came on staff with SportQuest Ministries.  Andrii is committed to seeing community transformation in his hometown of Shoskta, Ukraine by using the tool of sport to catalyze and maintain a discipleship-making movement that impacts youth and their families. 

Andrii Petrenko

SQ Ukraine Coordinator                        


Andrii serves as a soccer coach for 60 young players in 3 teams, providing regular practices, camps, and competitions as well as a strong focus on biblical discipleship.  His ultimate goal is to help players and their families discover God through the Discovery Bible Study approach, which allow people to explore the Bible, get to know God, and begin putting God’s Word into practice.  This model has been so effective in Shostka that they are seeking to pass what they’ve learned on to other Christian soccer coaches throughout Ukraine.  They are currently investing in 70 soccer coaches in Ukraine who are able to impact the lives of 1,000 soccer players. They provide quality training in soccer and in discipleship through sport using disciple-making strategy called "Sport and Life" that seeks to catalyze the massive potential for influence in sport clubs & coaches.  Their mission is to train and empower young people in discipleship and help them start sport ministry teams in their local churches, cities, and regions.



From the young leaders that Andrii is investing in locally, he is hoping to develop a couple of them into part-time coaches who can help with his ministry responsibilities and coaching duties within his current teams and grow more.  Andrii has already started one Bible study group for non-believers who want to discover God through the Bible, and he hopes to start another group soon.  His focus is to pass on the experience, training, and tools that have helped him grow an effective ministry to other young leaders in Shostka as well as the entire Eurasian region.  Andrii prays that through him, God will bring transformation in his town as well as all Eurasia by using sport to make disciples who make disciples.


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